Duty-Carrier Expandable Baton Holder | TB-BH01

(1) This Duty-Carrier Expandable Baton Holder fits most EKA, ASP, ESP, and other 16″ ~ 26″ expandable batons.
(2) Holster body Dimensions: ( L * W)150mm x 63mm, Depth: 145mm.
(3) The belt loop stitching on the back is designed for belt wear. Compatible with 2″/2.25″ duty belts.
(4) Tacbull baton holder is made of durable nylon, which is lightweight, It provides a secure, close fit, and is wear- and damage-resistant. Reinforced seams adds durability.
(5) The open-top design is for quick access and removal and vertical orientation allows users to quickly draw their weapon. It is perfect for law enforcement professionals to easily access their baton in an event in seconds or carry an essential self-defense tool on your belt.
(6) The strap is adjustable to hold the baton tightly, preventing it from drawing out by others or falling off while running.

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