Double Rifle Magazine Pouch | TB-RMP05

(1) Double magazine pouch with MOLLE webbing carrys two rifle magazines.
(2) Rifle magazine Pouch: Fits MP5 (30 Rounds, 9x19mm), MP7 (40 Rounds, 4.6x30mm), 30 Rounds MPX, CZ Scorpion, PCC, EVO.PSA AK-V, Magpul G9 27 Rounds, 34 rounds Glock, PS90, Tippmann TPX/TiPX 12 Rounds, Macon 45 auto (10” long), Ruger BX-25 Magazines, or similar ones.
(3) Two nylon belts with snap button on the back and the straps can be adjusted as needed to prevent slipping. This magazine pouch can be connected to the equipment with MOLLE system.
(4) Magazines can be secured in place by elastic band (or nylon velcro bands) and easy to adjust elastic straps or velcro bands to keep the magazines in the most stable state.